Libinvest's products in Sofia 26/04/2018

Libinvest-ExpertCosmetics – partners with history and future

We are delighted to introduce you to Elena Brakadanska – owner & manager of Expert Cosmetics, an impressive entrepreneur who, for two years now, has taken over the exclusive representation of the innovative cosmeceutical 2B Bio Beauty brand of Libinvest for Bulgaria.

Step by step, over the next couple of years, despite the circumstances in our country, this lady, alone, has managed to add two more brands of the Belgian company (Ophyto pH and Minceur 2011) to her portfolio, investing remarkable energy and enthusiasm to her experience and hard work on a market, which is not easy to approach, nor to earn from. She admits the Bulgarian market is saturated and still, she believes in Libinvest products and their place on that very market. With astonishing realism, she says that one of her secrets is patience and human attitude towards potential customers. The rest is quality products and something else ;-)

The 30 years old Belgian company is investing with passion and professionalism in all man and woman beauty products.
Thanks to its high-tech active ingredients, the 2B Bio Beauty® range matches modern men and women expectations, regardless of age, skin type or environment. It is a real rejuvenation treatment, a new generation of anti-aging cosmeceutics and natural peeling.
The second addition to Expert Cosmetics portfolio, the Ophyto® pH range, and its glycolic acid (AHA) peeling, proposes an exceptional treatment for a spectacular beauty effect with no pain. At the end of the treatment, the brightness of the complexion and the skin texture are visibly and immediately improved.
As the body should be taken care of as well, Mrs Brakadanska chose to add a third Belgian product range, the Minceur 2011 – a real phyto-therapy for a sculpted and formed body. It consists of special slimming products and cares made of 11 skillfully combined 100% natural essential oils, acting on several troubles such as cellulite, orange peel, riding breeches, overweight and heavy legs.

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