GDtech in Bulgaria 26/11/2018

This 22nd of November 2018 happened a ½ day conference on “New solutions for Accident Reconstruction & Fraud Investigation” in the hotel Forum in Sofia. This conference has been organized by The Association of Bulgarian Insurers, The Bulgarian Branch Association for Road Safety and the company AcciReTech with the great support of the Belgian Trade Agency of Wallonia. The half day conference permitted to get a flavor on how accident reconstruction, fraud investigation and, more generally, road safety are considered in some Western European countries. Indeed, following an introduction of the Belgian Ambassador, the organizers of the conference and the Bulgarian Commission for Road Safety, several speakers such as VIAS, FARO, EUDARTS or AcciReTech could share their knowledges with the audience. Some examples were shown using technologies among the latest ones available such as 3D scanning, Crash Data Retrieval or the use of computer software (such as Pc-Crash), … It has also been said that all those technologies are now available in Bulgaria thanks to the creation of a Belgo-Bulgarian company being AcciReTech (representing companies such as GDTech Belgium already active in crash engineering). Indeed, as acquiring the hardware, the software and, mainly, keeping the adequate level of training to make a good use of those technologies could be seen as discouraging, AcciReTech is proposing to receive the cases of its customers and to perform the complementary technical actions in order for its customers to strengthen their conclusions. AcciReTech is also proposing the hardware, the software and the training to the customers who would like to acquire some of those technologies. The customers targeted by AcciReTech in Bulgaria are : experts (to court or to insurers), insurance companies, road safety organizations, fraud inspectors, victim associations, large companies concerned by road safety, … AcciReTech hopes to receive cases to be investigated from those entities soon and become an unavoidable partner in the future. The final agenda of the conference is annexed in copy and the AcciReTech brochure can be downloaded here :