The Bulgarian construction sector in Wallonia08/01/2019

9 December 2018: the lobby of Hotel Van der Valk in Charleroi is getting narrow for the impressive group of businessmen coming from Central & Oriental Europe to explore the Walloon construction market. One can feel the enthusiasm in the air. There going to be two days of B2B meetings between more than 30 Walloon companies from the construction sector and hopefully their future representatives in Bulgaria, Croatia, Tcheque Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Serbia and Turkey. Next two days turned out busy and very interesting for the Bulgarian enterprise. Being the biggest business establishment that operates on the market for building materials in our country, TOPLIVO ( has generated a huge interest among the Belgian firms. Unsurprisingly, its schedule was filled up to the very last moment with Walloon manufacturers willing to see their products in the portfolio of Toplivo. Actually, the Bulgarian corporation is a trusted operator of 93 points of sales throughout Bulgaria, providing building and heating materials as well as petrol and gas for over 70 years now. Anton IVANOV, Commercial Director of Toplivo , was astonished by the high quality of the goods and the nice solutions the Walloon producers offer. According to him, these contact days were more than promising. To be continued ;-)